Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus has set a number of goals to improve advocacy for and outreach to lupus patients.

Here they are:

  • Raise funds to fight lupus through corporate and individual donations, grants, and fundraising events.

  • Build a complimentary network of nonprofit orgainzations, government agencies, and community organizations.

  • Create safe, supportive local communities where lupus patients can share information, refer service providers, and provide one another support.

  • Connect lupus patients through a virtual community that includes our lupus blog, e-news updates, active social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, and LinkedIn, as well as our lupus referral network.

  • In an effort to be better advocates for the lupus community, ask lupus patients about their needs through our online surveys.

  • Raise lupus’s profile locally, nationally and globally by developing a speakers bureau for community, corporate, and health-related events.

  • Engage the medical community, including drug and insurance companies, to spur changes in treatment and diagnosis through outreach and recruiting of medical professionals and the insurance industry representatives, developing a CEU curriculum for lupus, and working with educational institutions to include lupus studies in their course offerings.